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Anyone who tells you that life isn’t fair is 100% correct. Life isn’t fair and sometimes things happen in life that can leave you wondering and wandering through life longing for meaning. Some of the most painful things are those things we can’t explain and understand. Like a sickness or the loss of a loved one or even when it was our fault and now we are crying and feel alone because of the mess we made. All of these things can hurt and leave us with a terrible feeling of being hopeless.
These things can not be avoided. In this life injustices are going to happen, people are going to offend us and vice versa and things will not always go our way. So the only thing that we can do is remain anchored in the reality that God is with us through it all. I’m aware that some don’t believe in God and that’s fine too because everyone chooses their own path and their own ways to cope. But I believe that there is a God and that He loves us more than we love ourselves and His plan for our lives doesn’t always make sense but if we can continue to believe Him through the storms, His plan will make faith. Faith to be able to see His plan and faith to believe that everything will work out for our good.
No matter happens don’t lose your faith. Lose people, lose money, lose a gig but don’t lose your faith because with faith you can recover everything that you’ve lost.
Love you guys.

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